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Long lasting, ultra rich chamois cream for unbeatable protection against chafing and hot spots!  With anti-fungal tea tree oil, SLATHER is great for the saddle area & feet. Subtle cooling formula is gentle on the skin!

  Convenient, non-greasy & non-staining spray. Helps prevent runner's rub on feet, thighs, under arms & under sports bras. Spray under wetsuits for chafing prevention & quick removal. Spray SLIK on feet for quick triathlon transitions!   Moisture wicking, anti-fungal powder squeezed into socks or shoes to reduce friction, hot spots and blisters. DUST helps keep your feet feeling strong and healthy when running, cycling or walking - no more smelly shoes!






Why our Customer LOVE us!

  • A one-stop shop - complete range
  • Highest quality anti-chafe products
  • Skin Strong products really work and are easy to apply
  • Efficient & friendly service - chafe protection is our passion!
  • We help you go your distance!

"I use Skin Strong products daily.  With up to three sessions a day, with some days lasting more than seven hours, I am at serious risk of chafing.

Using the Skin Strong range diligently helps me to back up session after session.  It takes one more thing that can become a problem off the table.  It is the unsung hero of my training and racing!"

Sarah Crowley

2017 ITU Long Course World Champion, 2017 Asia Pacific Champion, 2017 European Champion


"I ran through every bit of mud and mangrove I could find testing out Skin Strong Dust and found it really did help my feet. It contains Tea Tree Oil which is an natural antiseptic & really did help my feet
get over a mild infection..."
Shona Stephenson
Elite Ultra Marathon Trail Runner


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Sarah Crowley Skin Strong Australia Ambassador Antichafe/Chafe Protection Range

Sarah Crowley, IM Cairns Champion 2017

I use Skin Strong products daily - they are the unsung hero of my training and racing!


Skin Strong Australia Antichafe Slather Slik Dust Chafe and Blister Protection

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