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Long lasting chamois cream for unbeatable protection against chafing and hot spots. With anti-fungal tea tree oil, SLATHER is great for the saddle area & feet. Subtle cooling formula is gentle on the skin!   Convenient, non-greasy & non-staining spray formula. Helps prevent runner's rub on feet, thighs, under arms & under sports bras. Spray under wetsuits for chafing prevention & quick removal. Spray SLIK on feet for quick triathlon transitions!   Squeeze this moisture wicking powder into socks or shoes to reduce friction, hot spots and blisters. DUST is non-staining & non-greasy to help keep your feet feeling strong and healthy when running, cycling or walking - no more smelly shoes!






  • One-stop shop for all your anti-chafe needs
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"I have used many different types of anti-chafe products on the market and Skin Strong is by far the best. Designed specifically for our sport in combination with being sensitive for my dry skin, it's a winner both on the bike, racing and with the wetsuit"
Alex Price
AP10 Coaching, Elite Triathlete & Elite Australian Triathlon Team physio


"I ran through every bit of mud and mangrove I could find testing out Skin Strong Dust and found it really did help my feet. It contains Tea Tree Oil which is an natural antiseptic & really did help my feet
get over a mild infection..."
Shona Stephenson
Elite Ultra Marathon Trail Runner


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Steven Brydon, Melbourne

I use Slik and Slather to protect against chafing/hotspots and Dust to keep my feet blister free.                                                                              


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Answers to Questions

We have had many customers use SLATHER and SLIK interchangeably. We've also had many customers use them together in problem areas...

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